Like You Don't Even Know | 03/11/09

My house is going to be clean like you don't even know for the many Fests this month. I have about four laundry loads left and some dog-washing and vacuuming left to do but on the whole I'm in pretty good shape for Chris' arrival Friday evening.

I've got a good 12 of 12 in the works since I have a lot to do. I already missed my 10am meeting at Wachovia but whatever, it's my money and I call the shots. That's what you get for paying me like .000004% interest. I still need to pick up Abby from Jamie's before I do another load of laundry and then drive out to Reston. is almost up to 100 fans on Facebook so if you're not already a fan, it would be nice of you to become one as a personal favor to me. It's rare that I mention anything work related so you should feel honored to be a part of today's entry.

There was big news on the FriendFront last night but I'm not sure if it has been disseminated fully enough for a mention. You know who you are, you just let me know.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

I'm bored at work. Not enough free time to write up an entry on my site, too tired and lazy to do it when I get home.

Elena (Unknown)

I think you're good now to disseminate at will.

Mike (Unknown)




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