12 of 12 | 03/12/09

9:30am: That's starting your day off right. Get up early and somehow manage a pink/orange. It's no pink/pink but we'll take it.

9:45am: All bundled up and ready to take Chompy out.

11am: Fresh off a work call and filled with coffee it's time to wrestle with the laundry. No, my sweatshirt is not tucked into my pants. Yes, I am wearing a sweatshirt and wear it in public.

12:00pm: I had a 10am meeting with my like 18 year old financial planner. I figured he'd learn a valuable lesson in patience if I came two hours late.

1:15pm: Time for a quick coffee at the SBUX that I try to avoid.

1:30pm: Winning at Grab Ab, one of my favorite games. She really stunk. Like for real. Real real.

3:00pm: At the doctor's office in VA for a check-up. The woman behind me was 20 with three kids so I know I had her beat.

5:30pm: Crashing at Brian's with some Chick-Fil-A and Booty. I figured I should eat after giving up some blood. The rest of my problems throughout the day were based on a lack of blood.

9:10pm: They reopened "my" Starbucks for me to give me a tea. I had already exceeded my coffee intake for the day.

9:30pm: But Abby, why are you offering me a toy of appeasement?..

9:31pm: That's why! Bath Ab!

11:30pm: Online chatting with friends afar. But not for long.

1am BONUS: Bedtime for all my bitches.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

New 11am caption - Finishing up on the 9:45 "taking Chompy out" phase.

Mike (Unknown)

That would have been better but I couldn't figure out how to cleverly get "permanent press" in there.

Tree (Unknown)

No pictures of the food? What'd you get?

SC (Unknown)

When did you hang that painting above your couch?

Mike (Unknown)

It's not hanging--it's on poles.



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