Happy FriendFest2009 | 03/17/09

It is FriendFest2009A.

Congratulations to Dr. Biddick Smith who completed her doctorate at THE Florida State University yesterday.

More to come later.


Evil Mike (Unknown)


KBS (Unknown)

Thanks! It's just Smith, but that's ok. Hard habit to break for many people even though I've been married for 2.5 years.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

If you start introducing yourself as Dr. Biddick Smith people will automatically think that's your first name.

Mike (Unknown)

In my defense I did get the Smith in there--I just remember at GW it filed under B for Biddick Smith so I thought maybe you'd be Dr. Biddick Smith and not just Dr. Smith.

Either way, congratulations!!

SC (Unknown)


KBS (Unknown)

ps - this is a totally ghetto photo, but I love it.

BU (Unknown)

Friendfest is still going? Get jobs.

T-Chris (Unknown)


And...I've got a job. Just one that allows me to partake and enjoy in the merriment that is FriendFest.

Evil Mike (Unknown)




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