And We're Back | 03/23/09

FestsWeek is now officially over and guests from far and wide are now safely back (or on their way to being safely back) to their hometowns after visits to see our nation's capital and Chompy's favorite owner.

The first ones into town were Chris and his small pup Oreo who came in last Friday after an exhaustive drive from Lowell. We quickly fell back into old times: eating cold pizza, drinking beers, and failing songs on Expert in Guitar Hero. On Sunday we were joined by the principal bassist of the Huntsville Symphony and Pre-Eminent Linguist Michael and Chris who made the trek in from Indiana. In addition to significant amounts of sight-seeing (read: walking) we were able to cram in several games of Hoopla and even managed an Old Timey game of poker with Chris E. slaying me, Michael, and Jamie while Chris G. made pepperoni bread.

After Chris E. left for Houston, we hit up the zoo and the African Art Museum. We also managed to get inside the capitol building after my 1.9m parking job prevented it the last time. Additionally, we got some photos at the White House and the snipers didn't shoot us. In true DC fashion, I also picked up a $100 parking ticket. Such is life. C&M left Friday morning and I had the rest of the day to clean up after Oreo and prepare for JenFest09B.

Saturday afternoon, after cleaning up piles of Oreo-barf, I trekked out to Dulles to pick up Jen and then we drove back to Reagan/National to grab Chris. We grabbed some lunch then spent the day hanging out. Chris and The Non-Ookie Cookie headed back Sunday morning and Jen and I headed out to Sterling so I could take everyone's money at the many-times-over scheduled poker game.

Yesterday we trotted out to the National Gallery so she could take in the Van Eyck and I could Kandinsky-spot (the whopping one). After the museum I was introduced to Battlestar Galactica via the 9-hour series premier.

Lesson learned from FestsWeek: Be grateful for the friends you've got because you're never going to find better ones.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Thanks again for everything, dude. Good times were had by all. Now, on to pressing issues, like...Where's FriendFest09B gonna be?

KBS (Unknown)

Love the photo of you guys walking - it says, "album cover."

BU (Unknown)

The photo could also say "evolution of man, from Chris to Mike"

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Yes, when I first saw picture I thought Beatles album cover, featuring hit single "Blurred"



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