Back To The Grind | 03/24/09

After dropping Jen off at IAD at 5am, I came back to DC, napped until 10am then went back to the grind. This particular grind involved taking Chompy down to Tenleytown to see the vet about her ripped-off thumbnail. Apparently it will fall off completely in time and we got some antibiotics for it. The whole trip lasted maybe ten minutes and it still cost ~$80. I need to start charging $480/hr too.

I spent most of the afternoon making the final edits to Kevin's bass piece so I can send it out on Friday. I always hate finishing a piece and then knowing the tedious task of editing awaits. Since I don't actually play the bass it takes even longer to make sure things all look the way they should.

In the evening I went shopping, then came back and finally watched Lost from last week. The ABC site finally worked around 7:30 and I took in the drivel that has become Lost. Wow, there's a second Ben in 1974. Wow. Big shocker. Wow. No one saw that one coming a million miles away. I watched a couple of episodes of How I Met Your Mother to cleanse the Tv-palate while looking for hotels in New Zealand and pretending to drive a left-handed manual on the left side of the road.



SC (Unknown)

Did you find a simulator online for the driving? Haha.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

I have problems immediately understanding what people type sometimes. I'm sitting here imagining you playing a fish in some kind of game, and then later on you're driving a car on the left side of the street while reading an instruction manual designed to be held by left-handed people.

Mike (Unknown)

I'd rather be fishing.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

You should copyright that and put it on a t-shirt.

Mike (Unknown)

Indeed, I'll talk to Rebecca.



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