All The World Is A Stage | 03/29/09

The reason I don't really get into many Tv shows or movies is that I tune out once the characters start doing things their character would never do. The villain should never repent or learn from his mistakes--that's how he rolls. I spent a good week as the anti-me and thankfully that show has ended. As a cosmic reminder, I broke my iPhone and one of my dumbbells.

On Sunday I went out with AK-47, my favorite person who I don't get to see regularly although hopefully Sucky Crosby Still Nash & Young will restart soon. Anne and I walked around Georgetown sharing our A-list stories of dating disasters in and around the DC area. As the only other person who has dated regularly up here it was nice for my misery to have some company. We had lunch at a Turkish restaurant; Cafe Devan (I think?) and I bravely ordered some grilled chicken.

After she dropped me off I thought a bee had landed on my hand, swung it, threw my phone on the ground, and realized it was just a small blossom. Ah, spring. The screen is cracked down the middle but it seems to be working just fine so I'll probably wait to replace it until it starts leaking poisons through my skin.

On the bright side, everything is now in full bloom and exceedingly beautiful.




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