All The World Is A Marmol | 03/30/09

The Cubs kick off the 2009 season in Houston on April 6th. That is right around the corner. It was determined a few days ago that my favorite player, Marmol, would not be the closer but instead be the setup man. While I find this disappointing, I am looking forward to yelling MARMOL! for the next six months.

I haven't paid much attention to Spring Training so that I wouldn't be burnt out by the time the real games started. I did that last year and by the time the end of May rolled round watching the games had become a chore.

I have four extra tickets for a Cubs/Marlins game in Chicago. You are welcome to take one for free under two conditions: you pay for your own airfare and you root whole-heatedly for the Cubs. The game is Sunday, May 3rd at 1:20pm CST. Yes, the date and times are right. Yes, the date and times are right. Yes, the date and times are right.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Dude, I'm checking airfare right now. I doubt I'll be able to make it, but if by some miracle of the great beyond I can swing that, you'll have a MARMOL-yelling partner.


Tree (Unknown)

Well that excludes me in the running. I'd boo the Cubs until I coughed up blood, and then some. You didn't mention where the seats are. You should see how complicated the new Mets stadium ticket price chart is. They have like literally hundreds of different prices. The kicker? One seat that will cost you $50 in an exhibition game costs almost $700 in a regular season game. It's going to be a very empty stadium this year.

Mike (Unknown)


Mike (Unknown)

The seats are really terrible but hey, it's a game at Wrigley.

SC (Unknown)

As much as I love Marmol, Gregg pitched really well. And Marmol did hit 5 batters in short work. Hopefully he got that out of his system. Marmol!

Mike (Unknown)

Like hitting people is a bad thing. He's just protecting his boys! Marmol!



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