Traded! | 03/31/09

Yesterday morning I got the bad news. I was traded off my softball team, a solid two weeks before the season started. I had auditioned/tried-out for a good team, the Monarchs, and made it. Now, though, I learned I was going to be on a team called the Warlocks. Super. I emailed another league to see if there were any openings but I think I might be stuck. Who gets traded in rec-league softball? I need an agent.

Last night Becky and I met up at the Capital City Brewing Company in Shrlngtn (the town without vowels) for some happy-hour beers. It was a cool place but sadly infested with douches. On the bright side, they had a beer sampler in these little mugs (pictured) that were pretty good. She agreed to go with me to see the Verdi Requiem on Sunday and I am super-excited.

It's one of my favorite pieces of all time, and always on my list of pieces that "everyone should know". One of those triumph-by-mankind sort of pieces that even people who have no interest in classical music should like. For you philistines, I've added a video of the most powerful section, the Dies Irae, for your benefit.


SC (Unknown)

There are not enough cloth-pins to keep me awake right now.

Mike (Unknown)

That is impossible.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Mmm, the Requiem. The big bass drum in the back should be enough to keep you awake!

Mike (Unknown)

Seriously, it's a fantastic part not really captured very well in this particular video but both the timpani and bass drum parts are surprisingly challenging.

Stacie (Unknown)

The box seats at the CSO for Requiem was one of my finest experiences in life...

Tree (Unknown)

You actually got traded? It was probably once they saw your weight was in the 170s range. Even when I was over 200 pounds & on a softball team, I still couldn't a homerun, and I was basically a snail on the bases. I remember everyone just wasn't into it, nobody seemed to care, they were all awful, and it felt more like it was serious than fun. One game was so bad we never got to bat due to the slaugther rule.

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, that CSO concert was a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience. I'm sure this won't be as good but it's better than nothing.

Yep, I'd like to think I was traded because I was too good to have all the talent on one team.

Tree (Unknown)

Speaking of that Cubs road pic from the other day, apparently they're going back to a solid blue road cap, according to an ESPN article. Also ditching the Cool-Flo helmets, since apparently they turned out to be cheap pieces of shit; cracked & shattered a lot. Good. I hate those ugly things.



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