Goodbye Rick Astley | 04/02/09

My April Fool's rick-rolling was such a success that I'm both delighted and saddened to report you will never be rick-rolled again (at least here). After delivering 250+ rick-rolls yesterday I think it's only fair to officially retire rick-rolling now that I'm nearly certain I've hit everyone with it at least once. So goodbye Rick Astley, it was a good run.

I came SO CLOSE to hitting a deer yesterday. While this would have been even more potentially dangerous on the GW Parkway or even on Wisconsin Avenue, the near run-in was more embarrassing in how it happened: I was walking. Headed into Georgetown through Rock Creek Park, I was completely lost in thought and about to cross under Spray Paint Death Bridge (which I named back when I used to run regularly through there) when BOOM, I look up and I'm about a foot away from this deer's butt. I guess technically it was a doe since there was an antlered deer about 10 feet away. Our telepathic conversation went something like this:

Me: Yo deer. I mean, Yo doe.
Doe: Yo. I didn't see you there.
Me: I know, thanks for not attacking me.
Doe: No sweat, bro. Thanks for driving the speed limit around dusk on the GW Parkway. We'll call it even.
Me: Awesome.


T-Chris (Unknown)

But...I love that song!

Mike (Unknown)

Maybe I'll just add it to entries more regularly where you know you're going to hear it.

Jamie (Unknown)

I don't believe you (about stopping the annoyances).

Mike (Unknown)

I might keep it for game punishments but srsly it's dead as far as surprise links go.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

You'll get yours, Mike. I'll have my revenge for what you've done. I've already got a plot in the works to defeat you once and for all. Consequently, it also involves world domination.

*coils 6" long mustache around finger*

Mike (Unknown)

I believe the word you're looking for is "...Excellent"

BU (Unknown)

I didn't even visit.

SC (Unknown)

I thought I was going to get Rick Rolled again by looking at the comments today. Glad I was wrong.

Mike (Unknown)

I suspect you were not alone.



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