Rare Friday Update | 04/03/09

It's rare there's a Friday update but this is an important one. Yesterday I signed up to take an art class on Monday nights. I've wanted to take one for a while since I'm clearly a gifted artist and I thought I'd meet more "normal" (as normal as you get in a class where you learn to draw triangles with faces) on a Monday night than a Saturday morning with soccer moms.

The reason for this entry is the problem this poses: The Cubs open their season at 7pm, the same time my class starts. This means I will not get to see the game as a live broadcast. What does this mean for you? TELL ME NOTHING. I don't care if Zambrano has a no-hitter going into the 9th or if he blows out his shoulder on the first pitch. Don't call, text, IM, ESP, nothing me until I give the word. The first Cubs game of the year is my second-favorite day of the year (after FSU's opening game) and ain't nobody going to spoil it for me.

In other news, I got my second marriage proposal of the year. Also in other news Marc, Annie, and I went to the "friendliest bar in town" (Mr. Smith's) last night and it wasn't really all that friendly. It did answer a major music theory question: Would the world implode if every note possible were sung at the same time? No, the world will not implode but thanks to the key change in Living on a Prayer we were able to at least find out. We also tried out Old Glory which was pretty lame. I'm too old for cover charges.


Tree (Unknown)

It's a shame we couldn't save those original Stick-O comics you drew... those were instant classics. If Stick-O, the high school dropout-turned-teacher were drawn today, he'd probably working at some Stick-Company with a Stick-PointyHairedBoss.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Remember that part where you RickChompyRolled everyone and they hated it and you laughed about it the next day?

Mike, all I can say is stay away from the internet and turn off your cell phone, or else revenge will be had.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Ah, the "Livin' on a Prayer" key change...the greatest key change in pop music. And I totally agree with you about the cover charge thing. At what point did you recognize that fact? For me, I think it was after Vegas, where it cost me $15 just to GET IN each place. Ugh.

I'll try not to ruin the game for you. But I'm not making any promises...

SC (Unknown)

Hmm, difficult, but I will do my best. I'll be in class during the game though, so maybe I won't be the one ruining it for you.



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