Cherry Blossom Weekend | 04/05/09

On Saturday I met up with Annie and Marc for the Cherry Blossom Festival. The crowds were both daunting and retarded and what should have been a twenty minute metro ride turned into a 75 minute one since I missed the second train twice while trying to push past the idiots who didn't realize it behooves everyone to let the people off the train before you try to get on. Eventually I made it and we walked down to the tidal basin for a very relaxing stroll through the mall. Eventually we coerced Becky into picking us up and we went to the Luna Grill for some grub. Any place with pictures of Led Zeppelin can't be all bad. After Becky went back to work we headed down the street to The Big Hunt, a place I'd been once before but have no recollection of with whom. It's still driving me crazy. I also left my debit card there--the first time in my life I'd ever "lost" it.

On Sunday I met back up with Becky for the Verdi Requiem at the Kennedy Center. While it was certainly awesome, the best part was the mom sitting in front of us conducting along with her mini-score, much to the embarrassment of her 14(ish) year old son. The performance was good (not as good as the CSO/CSC in 2001) but it was totally worth the trip. After the concert we went to the old standby, Front Page, and then back to The Big Hunt so I could pick up my card. They had a HUGE stack of cards so if you also left yours there they likely still have it.

The Cubs season kicks off in 4.5 hours. Exciting.


Mike (Unknown)

I just noticed it looks like the Washington Monument is about to topple over in that picture.

T-Chris (Unknown)

It's still a nice pic, regardless of the angle. Nice work.

Evil Tree (Unknown)

Ha-haaaaa! I'm thinking about renting a megaphone and driving by your art school's building while shouting out the Cubs score! **pinches long curly black mustache** "Evil, evil Tre-eeeee!"



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