Best Of Times | 04/06/09

Ah, it's here. Finally. The Cubs opened the 2009 season with a pounding of the Old Men Astros. Their magic number is down to 161.

I missed most of the game because I was at my first art class. The class is kind of a free-for-all where you can bring in a picture and then find something you like about it and paint it. Since I didn't realize I needed to bring one I used a sample and tried to draw something that looked like a head using the colors in my sample. It's not very abstract at all but I am proud of my palette-knife work in the yellow section. I also drew a cityscape but, like any good artist, I threw that one away because it looked so much like a cityscape.

There's really only one woman in the class with any talent and it was more fun to watch her than work on my own pieces. There was one particularly unartistic guy who had already given up trying to emulate anything and wound up with this hideous...something. I don't know what it was but I can tell you what it wasn't--art.

I got home around 9:30 and immediately turned on the game to see the Cubs were winning 3-1 going into the 8th. And lo and behold, which pitcher is about to enter the game? That's right--MARMOL. MARMOL tears right through the heart of the Astros lineup. Boom. Then the new closer, Gregg, comes in. He looks like he's throwing t-ball batting practice (yeah, yeah). He does his best to Cub it up and gives up a bunch of hits and run but thankfully the Cubs make like a senior at the prom and pull it out.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Magic # = 161...HILARIOUS. And it's funny, 'cause it's true. See you in October.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Oh, you gotta love the autocompleter soemtimes. MARMOL!!

Evil Tree (Unknown)

Maybe you should just stick to Paint By The Numbers. Bah-hahahahaha! **pinches long curly black mustache** "Evil, evil Tre-eeeee!"

Mike (Unknown)

MARMOL! He really laid them down last night despite not having any strikeouts.

I'd do better with paint by numbers except that my mind wanders and then the piece would turn into something hideous (see pictured).

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Maybe you should draw MARMOL next time. It would definitely be abstract, unless the task was to draw MARMOL.



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