Greg Maddux is back! | 02/18/04

Go Cubs. Seriously. After wallowing in misery for the past 90-some years, the Tribune Company has decided to invest in its post profitable subsidiary, the Chicago Cubs. They missed the World Series by a mere five outs last year and rather than throw in the towel for the next 48 years like they did last time, they actually decided to make a brave run at it again this year by signing a bunch of top players. Today they signed my hero growing up, Greg Maddux. He played for the Cubs in the 80s and I loved him. He was amazingly good yet a very personable guy. Despite racking up the awards, the Cubs got rid of him for money reasons and he played (extremely successfully) with the Atlanta Braves for the last 11 years. When they got rid of him, I promised myself that I won't not be a Cubs fan anymore, so I turned my allegiance to the White Sox. That didn't last very long but nonetheless, I admit it. I know every fan of the Cubs says "this year will be our year" but I think we can say it this year without having to blatantly lie.

I made a STUPID mistake on my atonal quiz which cost me a 100%. Add in the fact that my basic arithmetic skills were not functioning and it make the quiz a lot more difficult. Jamie set a pot of oil on fire at her house, so I watched Ab. We also went to the dog park where a little girl was almost killed by a crazed Doberman. I'm of the rules to the dog park is that no one under 12 is allowed. Another rule is dogs that are obviously aggressive are not allowed and need to be watched by their owners at all times. In this case, the girl was obviously under 12 but even as the doberman growled and jumped on this girl occasionally biting, its sorority-girl owner very casually walked over while her dog was very much out of control. Dobermans are the only dog I really have a fear of. I can handle the pit bulls and rottweilers but there's just something really scary about Dobermans. I can't believe this sorority girl would let this happen. Her dog had almost gotten into a fight with this huge rottweiler earlier and she didn't even notice. That poor little girl, though, will now have the same unhealthy fear of dogs that I did growing up.

Matt came over tonight and we worked on his wedding music. While a lot was not accomplished, we did manage to get a solid 40 bars of music. Tomorrow I have to teach again and finish the Chopin arrangement for rehearsal.




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