Semantics | 04/07/09

So last night I watched The Chronicles of Narnia before watching the Cubs lose in extra innings to the hated Astros. I signed up with Netflix on Friday and thought a good way to get acquainted with popular culture would be to watch a movie about a set of books I loved growing up. Nostalgia fail!

Anyone with any sense of imagination has already come up with a better image of the book than that movie. My biggest complaint with the movie is this: they're eating animals. Ok, the animals are clearly not like Earth animals--they talk and have lives and whatever. If you're going to serve the humans meat, whose meat is it? Clearly, not meat of your allies--I have a hard time believing they'd cannibalize their friends and they're sure not going to eat the meat of the "bad" animals. So where did it come from? Same goes for the leather armor--that would have had to have come from the skin of some animal. Boo. I can believe a talking lion but I can't believe some cow would be like "here boy, skin me and wear me to war". Whatever. Final Grade: F

I also got Big Love and the first episode was pretty boring. It's no 6FU that's for sure. Who would want three wives anyway? That's thrice the nagging.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

Ughh, why did you watch that movie? I could have told you it would be terrible.

Ask me a genre and I'll give you a good movie to watch, or just watch something on that list I gave you. Those movies have the Evil Mike guarantee!

Mike (Unknown)

Most of your list is now in my Netflix queue. Don't you worry.

SC (Unknown)

Why didn't I read these books as a child? They must not have been ones we owned.



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