The Song Remains The Same | 04/08/09

Last night I had a dream. Oh, crazy dream.

I was going to be on Jeopardy except that it was being held at the stage of The Price Is Right and quite literally everyone I have EVER been friends with was in this dream. There were so many people in it that when I finally woke up at 5:20am I scrolled through my iPhone to see if anyone was left out and with the exception of maybe four people out of 200, everyone had some role. Anyway, so everyone is helping me in some way prepare for this game show. The preparations take months and finally I'm getting ready to leave for the airport (I'm at my parents' house for whatever reason) and Chompy is standing next to me at the door. It's the middle of winter and everything is covered in snow and ice. I open the door to leave and Chompy runs out. She stays like 10' away from me but won't come in. Ultimately she runs in the street and gets hit by a car.



T-Chris (Unknown)

Dude...not cool.

SC (Unknown)


Evil Mike (Unknown)

You're subconscious is horrible.

Tree (Unknown)

Weird. The last time I dreamt about your parents house, there was snow on the ground in it too.

The only way to prepare for the Price is Right is with a local grocery store flier, Consumer Reports & Los Angeles airline website pricing guide. I've done all I can & it's up to your boney arms to spin that wheel around. Wear gloves, that wheel doesn't look like its ever been sanitized.

Tree (Unknown)

I can thank Chompblog for the dream I had last night: I dreamt I was playing "The Battle of Evermore" on guitar. It was intense.



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