Thirsty Thursday | 04/09/09

Last night Becky and I set off to celebrate the first Thirsty Thursday at the Mad Hatter. The original plan was to go to Front Page but with $2 Coronas every douche bag and slut in the greater DC Metro region was there so we down to the Mad Hatter instead. I got to try my hand at c*ck-blocking for the first time and did pretty fair. I'm a much better wingman. Everyone at the bar was small--I felt like giant among men which does not happen often. It was like a hobbit festival. A douchey hobbit festival. A doubbit festival. Next Thirsty Thursday is at the Zoo for "Grapes with the Apes" and after that a party at the Swedish Embassy. I didn't actually get into the Embassy party yet but Becky did so I'm sure with her billions of connections I'll find a way in.

Next week I have a meeting at the New Zealand Embassy to see if I can get a piece performed while Steve and I are there. It's not looking good but what good are fame and influence if you don't at least attempt to use them.

I have no Easter plans for the first time in my adult life. I guess that's not entire true since I believe Brisland (at Marsh Sands) was discovered on Easter and there were no formal exploratory plans that day. Maybe Chompy and I will have an easter egg hunt with squirrel-flavored eggs for her and iced venti vanilla latte-flavored ones for me.




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