Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints | 04/14/09

Memory: So there were are at the Day of Percussion. It's February, 2003. A small group of us had trekked from Tallahassee to DeLand, Florida for a mini-concert at Stetson University. As it were, Matt Flynn and I were dressed in identical clothing: a navy blue polo shirt, khaki pants, and the same tennis shoes. We both had huge afros at the time and except for the fact he was ripped and at least four inches taller than me we were twins.

Playing in a mixed group with college students from across Florida it got to be solo time. After hearing a couple other people from lesser schools attempt to make music I leaned over to Matt and say, "I'm going to make them say 'Jesus Christ'". And so I did. When the actual concert came, I naturally tore it up and within a measure of my finishing Matt leaned over and whispered "Jesus Christ...Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints."

To this day, when something is beyond awesome, I have no choice but to quote the Book of Mormon and say it. I'm not a biblical scholar but I'm reasonably sure it's not breaking a commandment with the "of latter day saints" suffixed to it.


Jamie (Unknown)

You left out the McDonalds sticker Matt was wearing on his shirt..."hot and fresh for you" (or something like that).

That was one memorable trip...never had anything quite like it since!

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah, I could tell like 100 stories from that trip alone. I thought this one was one of the safest.

Tim (Unknown)

You better watch out or a couple of dudes wearing white short sleeve button down shirts with black ties and black slacks might come visiting you - and then they will "enlighten" you to the Mormon cause . . . you've been warned.



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