Happy Tax Day | 04/15/09

If somehow you haven't seen this graph that shows how the government spends money you should check it out. If you ever wonder why DC is such a dump, you can see our allocation from your state-livers: it's right above the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. The taxes we pay as residents here are absolutely ridiculous. Keeping the homeless off the mall requires significant funding so yeah, you're welcome. There are a lot of scary numbers on that graph. Seriously scary. Srsly.

Last night I went to Galaxy Hut with Annie and Sam. Somehow we were there for like five hours. I also had a screaming match at the post office (which gets more funding than DC) with some woman. I was so enraged by her that I felt like I was recording the voice-over for a cartoon snuff film. I didn't realize my city-vocabulary had come back after just a year of living here.

Speaking of living here...tick-tock.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Tick-MFn-Tock!!! It's goin' by wicked fast! (Just getting you ready.)

T-Chris (Unknown)

And yeah, some scary numbers on that graph. $145B on the "War on Terror," but ONLY $56B on the Department of Education. Maybe that's why we're fighting so much: we ain't educated.

KBS (Unknown)

Where are you moving?

Mike (Unknown)

Going to have to stay tuned for that one.

(You and me both)

SC (Unknown)

Why am I bothering to be an educator in the humanities? Pitiful funding for the National Endowment.

Answer: The Post Office and D.C. share this common generalization (at least during the mid-1990s).

Question: What are places you have a high frequency of getting shot in.

Mike (Unknown)

Get a job in a defense-industry. It's more important to protect the dumb than have the smart killed.



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