Where Did My Life Go? | 02/17/04

My brain too is fried.

Today was one of the days, when on your deathbed, you try to think of where your life went. It was just a very ordinary day. Ordinary. What a terrible word. My classes went ordinarily enough with the same people having the same problems they always do. The same people missed class and the same people that sometimes-miss class have the same excuses they always do. I did average on my bibliography quiz. I studied the wrong material so I think I probably got a 3/5 but whatever. I fell asleep (though only briefly) in my Caribbean class again. Rehearsal was slow and uninteresting. We reviewed the same things we always do. True, we did look at some new letters in Pan In A Rage, but I had already practiced them (not that you'd be able to tell--just ask Chris). I did get to play some NBA Jam with XXX, SEX and EEN tonight after studying for my upcoming atonal quiz. EEN and I (PEE) were able to win the two (of three) required of any sort of video game playing. It's now 1:25am and I still have to finish the mock quiz and finish my prospectus to turn in tomorrow. The only atypical thing that happened today was as I was walking home after teaching my first class someone rolled down their window as they drove by and yelled, "YOU SUCK!" While I wouldn't put it past anyone I know to do that, this guy was someone I'd never seen before in my life. It's the time of the semester where we all fall into our respective ruts. This being the case, I thought I'd leave some personal messages for people.

Jamie: You'll be fine. If there's one thing I know about you it's that you always get your stuff together when it needs to be done. I know you have a ton of other things going on and feel like its all spiraling out of control, but we all feel like sometimes and we usually make it. Sending in the application is the hardest part--but it makes their accepting you that much easier.

Brian: I miss you. Things just aren't the same without you. In addition to the fact we all actually need to pay attention to when things are due now since you're not here to tell us, it's really hard being the best video game player. When you were here, after about an hour, you could beat anyone at anything.

Kathy: Be strong. He's a bastard. Don't let Strong-Kathy hide behind Sad-Kathy. You're so much better than that.

Marty: I have nothing sincere to tell you but, on a positive note (maybe), Beth is still in love with you (allegedly).

Chris: I completely understand how someone like you hates about 99.9% of the world because they can't get it together. We, collectively, are very sorry. Well, many of us are anyway. You do a great job of leading by example, even if its not readily apparent that we're following it.

Michael: You are very, very, very good about not getting down about things. So good in fact, that I don't know if you need any consoling. If you do, though, I think everyone likes and respects you because you do more than anyone currently living in Tallahassee.

Steve: I'm sorry that you have to be in the middle of the inner-family fights we have. As you probably have guessed, I've abandoned the idea of not trying to win you onto my side. I know you're not very confrontational and that's a good thing.

Mark: Watch ESPN tomorrow morning so that you can tell me the minute Greg Maddux signs with the Cubs. And don't be so hard on yourself about things. Things will ultimately turn around if you just give it a chance with some positive thinking.

Sorry if I missed anyone, I can only tell who comes here regularly by the ISP and there's a lot of Comcast.




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