Tourist Checklist | 04/19/09

I have officially moved back into DC-tourist mode. With my departure imminent I brought out my checklist of things I'd like to do in the greater DC metro region before I leave. On Sunday I went to see the Chesapeake Bay. I did not accomplish my mission of eating crab cakes while at a restaurant on the bay itself so now I might have to go back. Annapolis was the closest city on the bay and it only took about 45 minutes to get there. I'm not a big shellfish person (ok, at all) so trying to talk yourself into doing things is tough. It's hard to peer-pressure yourself. Annapolis is a quaint little town that is not surprisingly filled with sailors and teenage moms. The Naval Academy has a really beautiful campus, made even more beautiful by the fact the triple option is run every play of every football down come fall.

On Saturday I did nothing, which frankly was pretty disappointing. I sent a mass text to watch baseball and got zilch back. I tried to play basketball but even though it was a beautiful day there were only two other guys there who didn't want to play with a stranger. Because I only have either a) boring or b) plan-ahead friends I spent my time watching a couple movies from Netflix.

The Departed: Predicable but pretty enjoyable. To show how infrequently I watch movies it was like an hour in before I realized that Matt Damon and Leonardo DiCaprio were two different people. I'm sorry but they should have cast people that looked more different. Final Grade: B

The Untouchables: I don't have a law degree but I'm pretty sure you can't swap juries mid-trial with the judge in the next room. And CPAs can miraculously can handle shotguns with no training? And random dudes get to counsel with the judge in the middle of trial to lie? And the defense attorney changes the plea from Not Guilty to Guilty without consulting the defendant? Really? Final Grade: F


Tim (Unknown)

It's funny you mentioned the triple option; while doing nothing on Saturday too I was thinking about NCAA football, and thought about calling you to rumble. I then thought that my life was (a)boring and that (b)you were out painting D.C. red.
As it turns out (a) is the correct choice. The "Untouchables" is a movie that really doesn't hold up well through time. Back when it came out it was a pretty good flick, but now . . . not so much. Maybe it's Kevin Costner(?)
Oh, and shellfish are your friend.

Mike (Unknown)

The only thing that spared this movie from an F- was the fact that Kevin Costner reminds me of Field of Dreams. If I had that many famous people who wanted to make a movie with me I could do way better.

Shellfish are gross.

Tim (Unknown)

Field of Dreams was and still is a good movie, so it must be Sean Connery(?) Or Dinero . . . maybe the movie just sucks.

What's not to like about cooking up some underwater insects?

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah...I remember the first time I saw a lobster and thought "Oh God, it's a huge bug." and really my opinion hasn't really changed that much.

I blame Sean Connery and an absolutely retarded story.

I do like Andy Garcia's characters. He's very calm and I like that.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Shellfish is delicious. End of discussion. Unless you want to talk more about it.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Shellfish are delicious when cooked right. I guess the same could be said for a great many things, though.

What's next on the movie queue? You should check out "The Shawshank Redemption." Great filmmaking and an inspiring story. Great guy flick...with substance.

Marc (Unknown)

I know a good place "on the bay itself" for crabby food. I'll take you there sometime when it warms up.



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