Birthdays Abound | 04/20/09

So many birthdays today! Abby turned the big 6, and I picked her up to celebrate after making a quick run to PetCo in Bethesda to get Chompy some food and presents appropriate for a dog who is turning 42 in human years. I'm sad that this will be the last birthday I get to celebrate with Abby so I'm glad Jamie let me take for the day. It was unfortunately too rainy to go to the park or even really run around in the back yard. Tuesday is supposed to be nice (and it is) so we can get in some more activity of the outside variety.

It's also my cousin Kevin's birthday (not picture) and Marc's 26th birthday. Now you're rounded up to 30. Aren't you lucky. You're also the first "new" friend to get a custom picture. Too bad you don't read my blog or else you'd see it. Banking on that fact, I used a picture of you with some hot girls. I'm excited for your party on Friday and double-excited it will be in Georgetown. That's me being selfish. Anyway, Happy Birthday Marc!

I had my art class and found out that I will not have a piece at the local show. Oh well. The class culminated with two pieces being used as examples: one that could be sold for money and another that was "art". Mine was used as the example that people would pay money to buy but "was not art". Ouch. Ah, the joys of being invalidated. Adding insult to injury was that Cutter's piece (untitled, of course) was used as "art". I love abstract art and I don't need my paintings look like anything but it was total crap. She is choosing to go to art school at AU and said the same thing I said for my masters, "Yeah, I really wanted to go to Michigan but FSU offered me so much money..." It's how you cover up the fact you didn't even get into Michigan without having to explicitly lie. In her case it was NYU. Whatever, dude. I'm bringing out the big guns next week. I'll show you guys art if I have to take a dump on a piece of wood and smear it into smiling squares.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

Art is in the eye of the beholder. Then again, some people can't see really well because their eye is red and swollen because they been picking at it. Also, some people are blind or have astigmatism. Honestly, I have no idea where this train of thought was going.

Hey, was this you in the background playing guitar??

That's how we do it at our tournaments.

Tim (Unknown)

I agree with Evil Mike, I think he summed up art right down to the uncertainty . . .

. . . and is that you playing guitar in the background?

Mike (Unknown)

Of course it's me. I played in all sorts of crazy Japanese bands back in the day.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Well, looks like you've already assembled your band. Nice trucker cap!

Mike (Unknown)

Thanks. I found wriggling on the ground while playing really improved my sound.

Annie (Unknown)

Dude, Marc's Party is on Saturday, not Friday!

Nice photoshop skills :-)

And your art rocks. Your class is full of douches.

SC (Unknown)

*edited for content*

Mike (Unknown)

Yeah...dates and times aren't really my strong suit. I'll be there though.

My class really is full of douches. They'll be sorry when it's done and sold on eBay for $400.

Marc (Unknown)

Actually, I do read your blog (whenever I'm bored to death like now--I'm studying the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act). Thanks for the birthday Photoshop and for not using an unflattering picture. See you on Saturday!

Mike (Unknown)

Ooh, busted. Good thing I didn't photoshop you in with lesser people then.

That topic does sound boring--have you met my brother?

SC (Unknown)

I'm making sure that when you're here you have to read up on plague legislation from early 18th century Britain.

Tree (Unknown)

I have an idea for a painting, tho I lack supplies. Basically, using non-oil paint, then creating stensils of random shapes to put on the canvas, and using hues of specific colors or a few shades of the same color, place the brush between your closed palms and spin it like you're spin-drying a brush over a sink. I bet a fine brush would create better results. The idea is millions of dots; like a dot matrix.

Cartoonist Berkeley Breathed once in 10th grade Art Class drew an astronaut in space, but with no helmet or head, and he put red poster paint in his mouth and blew paint on it, giving the effect that the head exploded. It looked pretty cool. He entitled it, "Gesundheit".



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