Progress Update #1 | 04/21/09

I spent a good part of the afternoon working on the oily bits of the vase painting. Since I know nothing about oil painting it's going by really slowly. It takes an epically long time for it to dry so when I make a mistake I have to write down where it is so I can go back and fix it sometime in the future. I'm hoping to have it done on Friday so that I can start a new one. I like painting but I like finishing painting even more.

The Cubs won last night over the 2004 Cubs aka The Cincinnati Reds. This year Steve (finally) invited me to play in his fantasy baseball league. It's my first experience playing a sports fantasy game and it makes you root for your team differently. You still want them to win but you might want certain players from the other team to score more runs against your team before your guys come back in the bottom of the ninth.

Sorry, not ever blog entry can be as riveting as yesterday's.


Tree (Unknown)

I find it blasphemy to root for players when they're playing against your team for fantasy team gain. I've played Fantasy Yahoo Baseball & ESPN Baseball Challenge, and the latter is definitely better. Yahoo has too many stupid little quirks and no live stats.



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