Night Moves | 04/22/09

I've always moved around a lot in bed while I sleep, claiming far reaches of the bed as my own like European colonists. Recently, however, I've started doing something really aggravating. I've started rolling up my t-shirt 80's-style and then scratching the middle of my torso. I scratch so hard that I wake myself up. I then roll down my t-shirt (90's-style) only to do it again a few hours later. This has been going on for the four nights--the same four nights I've watched Planet Earth while falling asleep. I have to assume it's because each episode has had some segment on bugs and although I haven't had any bug dreams maybe they're the trigger. Weirdy.

Vase to Vase is almost done and I'm looking forward to doing the last stage of it, getting it framed, and hanging it up in my dining room. I know realistically I will not do either of those things since my walls here do not like having things hung on them and fall apart when I try. Framing is expensive--I remember in Tallahassee getting a picture I got in Uruguay for $10 framed and it cost like $220. What a scam.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

Build your own frame. Next project of your life.

T-Chris (Unknown)

"Vase to Vase": clever title.

Mike (Unknown)

That's why I make the big bucks.

KBS (Unknown)

Ugh, that Tallahassee frame place was SUCH a ripoff! I can't believe we both went through with it. I still think of the $80 I spent everytime I look at Meg's art (which probably cost her less than $5 to create).

Mike (Unknown)

That was so long ago--back in the days where we were both nice.

Just think now if we were in that same situation. There'd be trouble. Big trouble, Chompy.

Mikey Ray (Unknown)

Your title was eye-catching for me. Night Moves is the trashy townie strip club here in Bloomington.



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