Catch-Up! | 04/26/09

Happy birthday Tree (Mark Peterson). You probably thought I would forget again this year but I did not. This picture is circa 2000 and I was pretty proud of myself for even finding it. Happy Birthday!

On Saturday night we went out for Marc's birthday celebration in Georgetown. After dinner at Pizza Paradisio we started to lose membership in the going-out club and after a little while it was down to four. I find it frightening that despite having a decided age advantage of at least four years that I'm never the one that's tired or ready to call it a night.

On Friday night Marc, Annie, and I went out to National Harbor to try to watch the Cubs game at National Pastime but unfortunately a combination of being constantly lost and a wait of an hour plus caused a severe change of plan. We elected instead to get lost again on our way back and then go to Old Town. After dropping Marc off, Annie and I headed to Tortoise and Hare (I think?) where some post-ska band was playing and we stayed for maybe 20 minutes.

On Sunday I did a lot of reading and writing (no 'rithmetic though) and watched a couple of movies: 300 and Usual Suspects.

Usual Suspects: I was not expecting Kevin Spacey to be the boss. I was so smug halfway through when I thought I had Handsome Man figured out to be him only to wrong at the very end. Final Grade: B+

300: They should have just called this movie Guys With Rockin' Abs. Not particularly partial to man-abs, the story was pretty stupid and the fantasy aspect made it doubly-lame. Final Grade: F


Tree (Unknown)

Awwww thanks buddy! Holy SHIT I look different! How'd I tolerate all that long hair?? "Get haircut, you hippie!" I was wearing a bootleg Calvin & Hobbes shirt from Mexico, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo. I think that might be from Spring 1999, 'cause I grew out my hair for a druggie-looking drivers license picture; I then shaved my head a few weeks later. A goatee... how in the HELL could I ever possibly thought that looked good?? "Shave that facial hair, you hippie!"



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