Ciao Dude! | 04/27/09

That's all you need to know.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

I'm going to need more information.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Two words for you: Hu. Zzah.


Tree (Unknown)

Moving day?

SC (Unknown)


KBS (Unknown)

Wow. How long did you drive around looking for the appropriate street sign? And who took the photo for you?
Congrats, dude. Can't wait to hear stories about it all summer long.
ps - can I get my notes back now?

BU (Unknown)

I agree, The 4400 is a good show.

Jamie (Unknown)

Nice picture - such expert photography skills.

(you'll also be pleased to know that the letters below that I need to enter to publish this are LWWLL)

Annie (Unknown)

My selfish response is "Boooo :-( don't goooooo"

My unselfish response is " :-) congratulations, mr. professor man!!!"

Tim (Unknown)

If I had to make a wager that is where I would have bet that you were going to move to. Did you get the teaching gig?

I wonder, will there be another U-Haul adventure? If so, maybe this time you can just light it on fire and drive it in to a river . . .

SC (Unknown)

I think that is the only thing that didn't happen to the U-Haul last time. It wouldn't surprise me if the new one spontaneously bursts into flames and then the brakes fail, causing it to roll into a river.

Tim (Unknown)

I have this image of Mike and Steve driving obliviously down the interstate at 70 mph, while the back of the U-Haul is a blazing inferno, leaving a plume of smoke and glowing cinders in its wake.



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