Take Only What You Need From It | 04/30/09

Come May 26, I will be the newest faculty member at the University of Endrinal Massachusetts-Lowell. I was up there the past two days getting an introduction to the city and the university. Chris and I also celebrated our first Wicked Wednesday with an age-appropriate amount of beer and several games of NCAA 2009. Upon my return last night I drove nearly straight to Silver Spring to play a steel drum / conga duet with Anne at her school for International Night. In the spirit of International Night we went out for Mexican food after rocking the house.

Because I'm teaching part-time I'm sure I'll have ample time to remain both the preeminent composer of steel drum music and Mark Cuban Jr. If anything I'll probably have more usable hours in the day since I will have to forgo getting 10 hours of sleep a night.

As time is of the essence, I'm going to keep my apartment in DC through July and only move the most important things with me in a few weeks (Chompy, some pictures of myself). I feel like I don't have much stuff anymore but as I look I see that I do.

I love it when a plan comes together.


T-Chris (Unknown)

So. Excited.

Tim (Unknown)

I think this move will be good for you - flaming U-Haul or not.
I pity the fool who says different! (my B.A. Baracus to your Hannible)

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Whaaaaat? No, you're moving too far away! How am I supposed to visit Chompy now?

Mike (Unknown)

The same way you do now--come and visit her (and me).

Jamie (Unknown)

Your line that started by saying you don't have much stuff anymore...it made me laugh out loud, embarrassingly loud, in the library.

KBS (Unknown)

So the faculty at Lowell met you and still wants you to teach there this summer? Lucky dude. Can't wait to hear about all the shenanigans you guys get into this summer.



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