Unicorn Bar | 05/03/09

This weekend I flew to Chicago for an early Mother's Day surprise and a couple of Cubs games before flying back to DC last night. Since Steve had rooftop tickets to a game at the same time as my flight in he gave me directions to the Unicorn Bar: a bar devoted to the Cubs, Bears, and Seminoles. It was actually called The Pianoman but I'll always remember it as the Unicorn Bar because I can't believe such a place existed. After the game I met up with Steve and his friends there before we went back to Loyola for the evening.

On Saturday my parents came up and we went to the Cubs game (my first one at Wrigley since Middle School) and watched the Cubs slay the Marlins. We had great seats down the left-field line and it was rumored that we might have been on TV according to the douchebag that was sitting next to my dad. After the game we went out to dinner somewhere by Steve's apartment (Leona's?) and then played some Pictionary.

On Sunday I picked up Amy from Midway and then met up with Steve's harem for the game. It was a perfect day and before the game the Cubs retired #31 for Maddux and Jenkins. We got to see Lee hit a grand slam and MARMOL, who amazingly did not walk or hit a single batter. He did give a homerun but whatever. MARMOL. After the game we hung out at the Unicorn Bar so Amy could verify it wasn't a figment of my imagination. After that we all parted ways and Steve dropped my off at O'Hare with about 20 seconds to spare. Thankfully I had my boarding pass and no checked luggage or I would have missed it by about 45 minutes. Whew!

Unicorn Bar!


T-Chris (Unknown)

Leona's!! Man, I used to eat there all the time. Ah, memories.

Mike (Unknown)

It was pretty good--they gave out little cakes with your meal and those were excellent.

SC (Unknown)

Harem? I resent that. When did two become a harem? The Unicorn bar was nice, three Cubs games and three W's was nice too. And you had at least 50 seconds to spare to make your flight.

Mike (Unknown)

I think >1 is a harem. Apparently my being in the city makes the Cubs win.

Tree (Unknown)

Note Wrigley doesn't look anything like it did back in the early 1990s. You might notice more bleacher seats, TV's everywhere, LCD scoreboards, dugout seats, a 3rd standings flag pole, a hitters backdrop restaurant, oh and the outfield ground was about 11" lower. Zambrano's big ego finally got the best of him. I knew it would happen eventually. 2-3 weeks on the DL.

I think I went to Elona's once... mozzarella sticks were huge and the size of big fat egg rolls & you had to eat it with a fork & knife. "Extraordinary Mozzarella Stick" ?

Tree (Unknown)

Damn dyslexia. "Leonas", I meant. Had the website right in front of me, too.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Big ego?? He was running to first base after dropping a great bunt. Where's the ego in that?

Mike (Unknown)

He was really busting his ass down the line to beat out that hit.

Mike (Unknown)

It's a sobering thought to think he might be faster than me.

Tree (Unknown)

Yes, "Big Ego". A team who's in the National League is going to their star and most expensive pitcher to pinch hitting in multiple games?? It's bad enough Lou does this, but now Zambrano, who thinks he can do it all himself, is now injured. He shouldn't have been pinch hitting at all. And now you have no pitcher. And Zambrano could lose some weight, too.

Amy Acevedo (Unknown)

I told you to get there earlier. In the words of your wise brother "Dude trust her, she's knows about these things."
And yes, the unicorn does in fact exist.

T-Chris (Unknown)

But...he wasn't pinch hitting on Sunday. He was the STARTER. Welcome to the National League, where all the players on the field have to hit, the way baseball is/was meant to be played. Don't hate on a guy who hustles. MLB could use more guys with Zambrano's playing style.

Tree (Unknown)

I didn't realize he had been starting that day, tho I was aware he was pinch hitting a lot lately. And quite frankly, I really don't care for players like Zambrano, who scream and pump their fist after strikeouts, especially when he strikes out the pitcher, or throws a hissy fit everytime somebody makes an error or starts fights with teammates.

As a proponent of the DH rule, at least I don't have to worry about my pitchers getting injured running hard down the 1st base line or beaned fingers when squaring to bunt.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Regarding the DH: http://thebrownone.wordpress.com/2009/05/05/i-hate-the-dh/

This debate has been going on ever since the DH's inception, and there's really no end to it in sight. I'm a purist, what can I say?



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