Guitar Recital II | 05/04/09

Last night I jaunted out to Alexandria for Annie's guitar recital. Because I lost I arrived at exactly 8pm and the first person had *just* started. Following appropriate concert etiquette I had planned on staying outside until intermission but fortunately it became obvious that there was in fact no concert etiquette to be followed and I went inside a few minutes later. Rebecca arrived shortly after that and we both got to hear Grand Finale; in an artistically ironic program placement (not last).

After the concert we went to Bungalow Billiards for some libations and then to "the best diner in all of Arlington" (2006 reference: The best band in ALL of Tallahassee). It ended up being a late but fun night. HIMYM be damned, only fun things happen after 2am.

I spent the afternoon working and studying but took a break to watch my newest Netflix acquisition: Goodfellas. It was pretty good but I feel like it needed a better ending to merit the length of the film. I've watched a lot of things with Robert DeNiro and I feel like if I saw him on the street I might recognize him now. I was pleased with the characters but the story didn't really move along with much drama and was pretty predictable. Final Grade: C.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

Don't hate on the Goodfellas story too much, considering it's based on a true story. Not all of us live such unpredictable and dramatically satisfying lives as you, sir!



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