Car Wreck | 02/16/04

Today was not a good day. Let me tell you. I shouldn't say it wasn't a good day, because the first 3/4 were great. Atonal was ok, despite a confusing presentation and my meeting with Dr. Clendinning went the best it ever had. Upon coming home, I got to take a great nap. Even the nap was great--I literally dreamt a bass line for a new funk piece, which I was able to write in its entirety in one day. It's called Car Wreck (MIDI)...ooh, I hope that doesn't give away what happens later in my day...

If you were able to guess from the picture and the aptly titled piece, I got myself into a car accident today. I was turning out of the GATE station on Tennessee Street and approaching a red light when it became readily apparently that the pimp behind me in his chromed out Honda civic with 24s and neon glow underbelly was not going to stop in time. A very defensive driver, I tried to get out of his way into the next lane over. This was somewhat successful as I was able to not die by getting out of the way of the pimp but I hit the girl stopped at the light. We both pulled into the BP across the street and a policeman that witnessed it came by to get our (my) information. The girl was about my age and very nice about the whole thing. Blah, blah, blah I was charged with Careless Driving ($93) instead of a Reckless Driving ($190) but that really doesn't make me feel any better. I, of course, had Chompy with me and when I knew impact was certain I held onto her as tightly as I could. She too was unscathed from the incident, thank God. I mashed the girls rear bumper in and bent my license plate and license plate holder.

The worst part was not the actual wreck, or the rise in insurance. I told my dad and he was pissed. He was pissed that I didn't let the other guy hit me. Seriously, he was pissed that I DIDN'T LET THE OTHER GUY HIT ME. This guy was going no less than 45mph and had absolutely no intention of stopping (he was later pulled over when the officer taking my information called another cop to get him). Apparently my dad is more concerned with saving money than the life of his own son. I can't believe he yelled at me for hitting someone at 5mph instead of being hit at 45mph. I just can't believe it. Sorry Dad, as hard as you tried to breed it out of me, I still am hanging on to that basic "don't-die" instinct. My mom (as usual) was very calm and collected and (like a decent parent) was more concerned that I was alive. I just don't understand my dad. At times I think I'll regret not having that "bond" in later years but just because he had poor communication with HIS father doesn't excuse him (this is always the reason my mom cites). I admit, I am not the best communicator in the world, or even in my apartment building but if you think I'm bad, my dad is 1000x worse. And I mean that figure literally. At some point he will hopefully recognize me as an adult (a topic in many posts) but I don't foresee that day arriving any time soon. If he asks me to support his bid in the 2008 Presidential campaign, I will of course. I can think of no one else more qualified in the category of "Must control everything" more than my dad. (Apparently, according to my mom, he was just "grumpy" tonight. I don't care, your damn kid was in a car accident). The other thing I hate is the "call home more" speech. "It only takes five minutes..." Hell no it doesn't. It takes at least 90 minutes every time. You ask me "what's new?" at least a dozen times in that span and every time I give the same damn response. Howabout YOU call ME when YOU have something new to tell me. My days are the most inane, boring, repetitive things you can imagine. You sure as hell don't tell me what's really going on in your life, why the hell should I tell you about mine? Future parents: There's nothing wrong with letting your child know that you are a real person too. Some people actually respect "real people"...just not in my family.

=====Monday, February 16: Pupdate!=====

2:55am: I am saddened to report that Dr. Mean passed on tonight at 2:50. Attempts to resuscitate him failed and he was flushed. He was one of the original batch of fish and will forever be known as being very, very mean and for killing the other fish (in case that wasn't covered in the description of "mean"). He will be missed. He was given a single flush salute.




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