Sicilian Superstars | 05/05/09

This week pairs Steve's Sicilian Superstars against my Chompy DC in our fantasy baseball league. It's my first time playing and to say I'm not doing well does not do justice to my sucking. Last week I lost to someone who has yet to log in this season to play. Ouch.

Last night Kathy and Chris had a Cinco De Mayo party but since that's code for Couples Night I didn't go. I'm looking forward to living in a place where you kind of measure miles to minutes as 1:1 and not 1:20 like here.

I'm ashamed, horrified, and disgusted to report that I might get a Mac. My PC, while dutifully performing its programming work like a champ is so lacking when I try to do any sort of recording for music that it's unusable. This is you: "waa, waa, just get a new sound card". I can't. I got the tiny-tiny Dell and they don't make performance-level anything for slots that small. No matter what I'd have to replace this computer so I might as well get a new Mac AND a new PC right? Six monitors on my desk? Don't mind if I do.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Mmm, multiple monitors...mmm, let's hear it for visual overstimulation. Delicious.

The Mac world is waiting for you. You don't even have to give up your PC membership. Much like most Cubs fans' sentiments about other teams (read: the White Sox), we don't necessarily hate PCs. We just like our Macs, that's all.

Tree (Unknown)

Don't get a Mac, Mike. Stay away from the dark side! And my pitching staff is killing me right now. They've given up a ton of runs and I've already dropped almost all of them. My record is 16-22-2. Yahoo blows.

KBS (Unknown)

Yay, Macs! I'm ordering a MacBook Pro today in fact as a graduation present to myself. What kind are you getting?

Annie (Unknown)

mac needs to do a promo where they give you a big hunk of gouda with your new mac. mac n cheese, yo!

Mike (Unknown)

Good one. I could list it on

I'm not sure I'm getting one yet. I was looking at the desktop Mac Pro but each time I built it online the price was upwards of $8k. I guess I don't need dual 30" monitors but still...

T-Chris (Unknown) don't "need" a new computer, really. But they sure are pretty!

SC (Unknown)

Should have been 9-1! Argh!



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