Shock me like an electric Chompy | 05/06/09

Last night I drove out to Briecca's for steak and Lost. The Safeway by Brian's house was offering a $6 off/lb on the fillets so the only remaining package was an interesting shade of both blue and black and I had to settle for getting the NOW SERVES MORE (somehow?) thin-cut New York strips.

On the whole I was pretty pleased with the Lost episode last night. Jack has become a regular Dick Cochman and I'm kind of waiting for him to die. I was hoping that Kate or Sayid would do it but alas. I'm going to start making of list of concepts that have randomly disappeared and that will definitely include: Rose and Bernard, The Magic Box, and Walt. Man, that's going to be a long list. I'm looking forward to the season finale next-week. Maybe in a two hour show they'll be able to get more than 20 minutes of non-commercials in.

The drive home last night was pretty horrible. I haven't driven in rain like that in AGES. It was so bad DC drivers were driving at/under the speed limit. I thought it was pouring when I left but in reality the worst came at the big toll plaza where 66 meets 495 and the toll road. Yikes. It was raining so hard that just walking from my parking spot to my house has left my clothes so wet they were still wet this morning when I put them back on.

What, like you don't reuse your clothes?




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