Treats and Toys | 05/07/09

Yesterday was a shopping day. I'm not particularly fond of shopping days but it had to be done. After buying a couple new suits (wardrobe is an issue when "business casual" = "non-stained t-shirt") I went to Barnes and Noble to buy a book and lo and behold I come across an I Can Has Cheezburger book. Ok, it's a fun site but a lot of the fun is seeing the new ones each day. Having a book of the best, while I'm sure interesting, may provide what, like 30 seconds of enjoyment? It's not like reading lolspeak is time-intensive so you'd burn through the book in no time. And at $9.99--come on.

Speaking of weird-but-addictive sites here's one that you probably don't know about. It's a collection of photos where someone in the background is "bombing" it. Ever since I first visited the site I've been trying to bomb more in the hopes of one day making it on there. It usually works best at college or weddings. Look out Briecca.

Last night was Tater Thoughts instead of Thirsty Thursday and, as predicted, the night was over by 11:30. I'm all for being responsible but come on. PRIMES OF OUR LIVES. That's all I'm going to say.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Dude, in two weeks, our lives are going to PRIMED!!

Just sayin'.

Mike (Unknown)

Dude, we are AAA Prime'd. I can't wait to hang out past 11pm.

Mike (Unknown)

AND there will be no planning of Guitar Night. It will be whenever we feel like it.

T-Chris (Unknown)

A. Men.

annie (Unknown)

hey man, some of us actually have to go to work at a decent hour the next day. as in before noon. and by "go to" i don't mean just walking through a kitchen in our underwear.

Mike (Unknown)

Ooh burn. I go to work before noon. My first curly bracket hits the page no later than 10. Ok, maybe 10:30.

And for the record, I have pants on--I have to take the dog out and my neighbors don't need to see the kibbles and bits.



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