My Malfunction | 05/10/09

Working backwards, I managed to knock out three movies this weekend. Shockingly, I am prepared to give out my first final grade of an A. That honor goes to Shawshank Redemption, easily the best movie I've ever seen. Since I'm sure everyone else has seen it I won't extol upon its greatness. Final Grade: A

I also watched Fight Club, irritatingly predictable but nice to see people fighting. I was kind of hoping that there'd be a twist where Edward Norton was a figment of Brad Pitt's imagination but no. Final Grade: C

Not knowing better, I got a documentary about Africa and the Lost Boys called God Grew Tired Of Us. It was really boring and certainly not worth watching. Final Grade: D-

I slept until 3:30pm on Sunday before watching the Cubs game and the last movie. In my defense, I didn't go to bed until 5:30am and my life wouldn't be my life without nine to ten hours of nightly sleep. I also copied all the music for Guitar Night but my scanner has decided to declare war on me.

On Saturday submitted a request for designs for a new site, met up with Marc for lunch at Red Hot and Blue, played some basketball, did a bunch of lesson planning, looked through my new guitar books for songs, then met up with Annie for dinner and drinks. Amazingly, we hung out past 11pm. I knew this day would come. We also stole $11 in drinks from Bourbon. If only Judas Priest had been playing on the radio.

On Friday morning I picked up Abby and she and I tooled around town before coming home to work. After work I started a new arrangement of a song and worked on a bunch of paintings.

In other news, Steve beat me in our fantasy baseball match-up 7-3. It's because he has Ryan Braun, my evil twin with nicer eyes. I hate that guy.


SC (Unknown)

Should have been 9-1, but I agree. He did carry me with his 12 RBIs and a multi-homer week. Sadly my lead is only .5 games and you should still take satisfaction that you are not in last place.

Amy Acevedo (Unknown)

What happened, Fight Club went down a grade between last night and this morning.

Mike (Unknown)

It's the curve of Shawshank.

Tree (Unknown)

Since "Fight Club" came out, all things-club have been held up to the same standard as Fight Club. I think I had more fun talking about the movie than actually watching it.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Fight Club is one of those flick what merits multiple watchings. I had to see it twice before I formed an opinion of it (I love that movie, BTW.)

Evil Mike (Unknown)

I'm glad you gave Shawshank the appropriate grade. Otherwise I would have probably left you a comment saying you should have. It is ranked, afterall, as the #1 movie ever on the Internet Movie Database, That's HUGE!

Here's a bit of trivia that might take away from the movie. Tim Robbins (Andy) is kinda made to look like a weakling, the little new guy in prison who gets messed with. It's kinda weird to think of him like a little guy, because the dude is 6'5".

Mike (Unknown)

I truly have nothing bad to say about it. Yeah, it was long but necessarily long.

6'5" is a big dude. He does look pretty puny for most it.



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