May 12 of 12 | 05/12/09

8:43am: My new stereo alarm clock failed at turning on my iPhone at 8:30 so I got an extra few minutes of sleep.

9:00am: Art shot of Chompy and a Rose.

9:15am: Off to the bank after becoming $920 richer. Thanks internet.

9:20: Notre Dame graduate proudly displaying their logo backwards. This surprises me 0%.

12:30pm: Freshly-powered by Steve's data entry'ing, my new color-coded charts bring me an unusually large amount of joy.

3:30pm: Tasty Tuesday merited driving out to Old Town to get Jimmy John's. I can't wait to have chains again.

5:00pm: I was going to write an entry yesterday about my new GPS but I got busy taking pictures for my 12 of 12. As you can see, I've already managed to drive it off the road.

5:30pm: Picking up some man-items just in case they're needed in Massachusetts.

6:15pm: Echolocation win!

8:45pm: Picking up dinner from Chipotle. I don't know why everyone hates eating there. I like it.

9:00pm: Chompy enjoying her late dinner.

9:15pm: Multi-tasking with work, lesson-planning, Chris, and the Cubs. CUBBIES!

Nerd Bonus! 12:30am: Steve and I playing a computer game until 1:30am.


T-Chris (Unknown)

Um...there's no "in case" about it. It's a done deal: consider the baseballs and football already thrown, and basketball already dribbled.

Unfortunately, there are Jimmy John's up here. Chain fail.

T-Chris (Unknown)

I forgot the "no" in that last one. There are NO JJ's up here.

Typing fail. Damnit.

Mike (Unknown)

I am so excited for man time. A tired refrain to be certain, but nonetheless.



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