Lost Season Finale | 05/13/09

Happy 24th Birthday! You're now a grown-ass woman. You have three solid years of the prime of your life left. Hooray!

I went over to Briecca's last night for Steak+Lost. Anna and Ella were both there and Rebecca came about 10 minuets into Lost. What a stupid show. What a stupid season finale. The most interesting part of the evening was when the new GPS steered me onto the toll road for the single exit that contained the toll then put me back on the highway.

CONTAINS SPOILERS!!!I don't even know where to start with my hatred of the season finale. Ok, the good part first--we got to see Vincent The Dog, Rose, and Bernard. Beyond that there was nothing good. Wow, Jacob left Hurley a guitar. Wow, John Locke may or may not be the reincarnation of Jacob's former lover. Wow, Juliette isn't really dead. Wow, magnetism only applies to large structures. Wow, Jack is still alive (unfortunately). Wow, a nuclear bomb can fall a quarter of a mile and not detonate but being bumped by a woman with a rock COULD set it off. Wow, a version of John Locke might be dead.



Tim (Unknown)

You summed up my disappointments with the Lost finale, better than Cliff's Notes. Though I found it a tad less irratating than you did. I guess I have lowered my expectations so much so to where they could do a musical episode and it wouldn't raise my ire too much.
Maybe to Wagner?

SC (Unknown)

What do you expect? Abrams is spending all his time working on Star Trek scripts and has given up on Lost since he realizes you're all hooked, he got paid, and it doesn't need to make sense or be interesting.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Ehhhh, the prime of my life ends at 27??? I've only got 1.6 years left omg.

Mikey Ray (Unknown)

If I knew Lost was full of minuets, I totally would have watched from season 1. I love minuets!

KBS (Unknown)

Agreed, LOST sucked big time this season and the finale was the worst finale ever. Thank goodness only one more season remains. I can struggle through it, but I better see a damn Sun-Jin reunion or I'll be pissed.

T-Chris (Unknown)

Worse than the Seinfeld series finale?



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