Last Weekend in DC | 05/17/09

I spent my last weekend in DC dog-sitting Abby, looking for my misplaced iPhone, discussing the likelihood of Kathy and Chris' baby being a hermaphrodite (anywhere from .005 - 2% according to the intertubes), and coupling with Angry Alligator Head to win my last poker game.

I leave for Lowell bright and early Thursday morning. I already started packing my newly-clean car and found it amazing how little stuff I actually "need" despite having a whole houseful of items that I would have claimed were integral to my life. As I was cleaning/packing I realized that unless I have company over I spent no time at all in my living room. I mean none. It's essentially Chompy's bedroom, resplendent with a big TV and many unplayed video game systems. I'm thinking that I just might be able to live in one of those Tiny Houses in the middle of nowhere afterall.

Last night I watched the movie Earthlings, a super-liberal documentary about how we mistreat animals on the planet. It was just as dopey as a super-conservative "documentary" "proving" "global warming" doesn't exist. It made me not want to eat pork (as they cannibalized the tumors growing on each other) or buy leather again but other than that it was more gratuitous than effective. Final Grade: F


Evil Mike (Unknown)

That picture of Snappy-chan is better than any one I've taken before (maybe the cards just bring out the green her her glossed over skin?)

Do you happen to have the photo of us posing, ready for action by taking on the Black Lotus clan? I forgot to take a picture of myself before falling asleep and it would just be CRAZY to wear the China gear twice within a week.

Elena (Unknown)

Did you happen to find your misplaced iphone?



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