Short Narrative | 05/19/09

I had been planning today's entry for months; if not a full year. A nice narrative, complete with pictures, of the past 14 months of my life. That'll have to wait for a little while. Here's a last picture of Abby. It makes me sad to think she and Chompy will never be together again.

See all y'all in Lowell.


Jamie (Unknown)

I told Abby she'd have to make new friends, and she looked really sad.

BU (Unknown)

Have a good trip! Or a trip so horrible that you have to blog it.

Annie (Unknown)

Ciao, Professor!

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Bye bye. See you in July.

Rebecca (Unknown)

Yo Dude - how is Lowell?

KBS (Unknown)

Yeah - give us some Lowell updates!



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