Greetings from Lowell | 05/25/09

Ah, Lowell. I left DC at 7am on the dot Thursday morning and set out with Chompy to pick up Chris, who was kind enough to be my driving buddy, at BWI. It was smooth sailing until Boston and the GPS only caused one wrong turn; unfortunately it caused me to pay the toll twice on the Washington Bridge. Alas.

The past couple days have been an adjustment--a wicked awesome adjustment. Suddenly I have the option to do things with another live human being: eating, video games, playing guitar, or--best of all--just sitting around talking. I forgot how great it is to talk about nothing while sitting on the porch enjoying an icy beverage. It seems so insignificant when in reality that's really what life is all about. I should know seeing that was more or less absent in my life for the past year.

Chompy's adjustment has been more...trying. Suddenly she has a new, black, furry earring. When Oreo and Chompy aren't walked around with each other, they spend a good part of the day with Chompy looking out the open door of her crate into Oreo's eyes. Oreo is fun and unlike Chompy or Abby in just about every way. Chompy is learning to love (at least not kill) her and I'm it's just a matter of time before all is good and right with the world.

My first day of teaching went smoothly. No one fell asleep and there were no riots. In the future I'll be more careful about my beamings so I won't get called out on it again.

Ah, Life Part II. Ah.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

Time to depress you with biology fact! This is actually more like life part IV for you, since the human body completes a reproduction cycle and replaces all it's bodies cells in a period of about 7 years.

I'm still working on my trilogy!

Mike (Unknown)

Good luck on the trilogy.

Maybe in seven more years my face will replace itself into one that looks good in pictures.



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