All About Mike Quiz | 02/15/04

It looks like those of you who put the second dog's name of "Bitey" should probably get a point. Although I did not think I'd want a second dog, Jamie and I saw Bitey (you can click on the picture) at PetSmart today when we went in to buy dog treats. Bitey's name is really Dusty but I like Bitey. He's a pit-bull/chow mix and has the exact personality of Chompy from what I saw at PetSmart. Not to mention he looks like a little Chompy. Well, I didn't get little Bitey, for the record. He was adopted by this weird family that has literally dozens of pets. It's probably better that way. I think Chompy is a one-house dog. However, we did go back just to make sure he had, in fact, been adopted. I don't know if I'd be able to help myself if the Hick Family brings him back. Then you really wouldn't want to mess with me. My two angry pits. Grrr. I also bought some much needed office supplies so I can mail out some more job applications. We also met with the couple that is having the wedding. They couldn't have been more pleasant and were more than willing to meet us at $240/hr (well above the $120/hr Ryan had offered). It sounds like its going to be a fun little gig. They're both on their second marriage and are more focused on fun than cheese, which is a nice change of pace. And the best part is that all six of us can make it! Hooray. Bitey the dog!




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