Chalk Dust | 05/26/09

After a successful first day of class Chris took me to the gym for our first work-out. I had two, simple rules: bench press the bar and don't complain. Rule #1 was much easier than I thought it would be but I unfortunately fell way short of 100lb. Oh well. I'm not sure I'd give myself an A+ for Rule 2 but undoubtedly Chris must miss Marty the most right about now. I only managed to hit myself in the face with a dumbbell once and aside from spending the night unable to use my "triceps" it was almost, dare I say, fun. In other news, Chris is huge and strong as hell.

After the gym we got some lunch and I came back and spent a few hours working, the a few hours napping, then a few more hours working. The napping hurt my early departure to bed and when I did finally fall asleep around 2:30 my dreams were crazy.

Yep, yep, yep. I'm going to be huge in like six months. Huge.


T-Chris (Unknown)

"I have two rules..." haha

I don't know if I'm "huge." It's all an illusion--smoke and mirrors (or this case, chalk dust and document cameras). The secret: wearing the right shirt.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

100 lbs is pretty difficult to bench. I don't even think I could do it, and I blame these long lanky arms of mine.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

And here's some serious chalk dust.



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