Introduction to Raquetball | 05/28/09

Yesterday Chris introduced me to a little game called racquetball. When I think of the game I think of Miker and Kevin always going to play so I had always assumed you had to be a hulk of a man to play. Not so. You can be small and frail like me and play too. You just have to be a hulk of a man to play well. It is a lot of fun and not surprisingly Chris whomped me as has been the trend in any/everything competitive since I got up here. Despite my sucking, I can't wait to play again.

I spent the afternoon trying to get the accursed Chinese spammers to stop hammering one of the sites. I thought I had it figured out but they keep sneaking past me. I think of the countless hours I've spent trying to stop people from messing with it and that alone is aggravating. Like they have nothing better to do with their time. Go pollute a river or kill a panda or something.

Since Chris was leaving for a conference in SD in the morning we had Steak Night instead of Thirsty Thursday. Life's rough sometimes in Life Part II.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

You should try Dodge racquetball, where the only goal is to rebound the ball and hit the only player. Really gets you moving.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

Also, Chompy in a sweater is the coolest thing ever (or warmest).

Mike (Unknown)

Chompy In A Sweater is actually the default picture that comes up when I mess up the normal picture and the site can't load it.

The only thing I had going for me in racquetball was that I didn't get hit in the face. That ball moves fast.

SC (Unknown)

OB and SBW have been getting hit by those same spammers, although WP lets me filter them easily enough. I still think aiming for the other person, even if you don't hit them is the way to go in racquetball. Maybe you need to move onto squash when you get good enough at your current sport.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Just an html test.


Mikee (Unknown)

Be sure to read tomorrow's entry. Remember to read tomorrow's entry.


this spider is scary and big i don't like it because i hate spiders we haved a some one at our school and my friend touch it and pick it up he was a boy that i have A cush on sience the beging of the year it was so waied and do u hate spiders 2


i love spiders


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