Condogenate Those Strings | 05/29/09

Around 5am Chris and I left for Manchester and his flight to San Diego. I got home around 6:30am after getting slightly lost and then slept until 9:30. I don't teach on Fridays (life is rough in Life Part II) so I cleaned up my room, made some revisions to Monday and Tuesday's plans and then work-worked for the rest of the day. Around 7:30pm I drove up to Nashua to buy myself a "summer" coat since there are only three or four days left before winter starts here. Fortunately people are tough up here and coats were on super-sale. I got it from the Gap for $16 (originally $88). I also got some Mall Chick-Fil-A for dinner.

I had heard rumors how dicey downtown was at night so I figured "Hey, let's go explore it alone". I made it out both alive and without incident. Like New Orleans, the blocks change quickly so on one block you have a patio full of Lowell Yuppies (Luppies) and on the next a Cambodian crack head. For the record I saw neither a luppie nor a Crackbodian.

I slept with Oreo quite literally on top of me the entire night. That dog loves being all up on you. She is indeed the Anti-Chompy.


T-Chris (Unknown)

My God Oreo is cute. I know she's my dog, but still. Too. Cute.

Mike (Unknown)

I know it. Putting your head on whatever is around...I mean that's just retarded.

Mikey Ray (Unknown)

Luppies haha



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