Mike and Chompy Is Legend | 05/31/09

Since I'm effectively living in a Netflix warehouse I took the opportunity to catch up a lot of movies. A lot movies for even a normal person.

Predator: A ha! So that's where "get to the chopper" is from. Things blowing up are cool and it was nice to finally be able to place Carl Weathers from something other than Arrested Development but come on. An alien that has all of these cool gadgets can't see through mud? Come on. Final Grade: D

Anchorman: I knew I hated Will Ferrall but I figured I'd give him another chance. That was dumb. Final Grade: F

No Country For Old Men: I like that it didn't turn into a feel-good story. I didn't like that it was epically long with such a terse ending. Final Grade: B

I Am Legend: If there were a category at the Oscar's for Best Acting In A Terrible Film I would hope Will Smith would win it. He did a great job but special effects aside boring. Final Grade: D+

Snatch: I can only describe it as campy. It was predictable but still fun. I like the roles that Brad Pitt gets. Final Grade: B-

In between gobbling down movies I revised some teaching plans and recoded ~8k lines of the promo code site. Each time I think I have stopped the Chinese spammers they hit me again with some sneaky little movie. I also FINALLY won my first fantasy baseball week 5-4. It only took two months.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

If you're looking for more Carl Weathers then check out Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III, and Rocky IV.



Evil Mike (Unknown)

Also, your movie opinions sometimes baffle me! Predator was so cool. He can't help it if his alien technology can't sense the heat of Aaaahnold body caked beneath the mud.

Anyway, two other recommendations, Alien and Aliens with Sigourney Weaver. Alien is constantly rated as one of the best sci-fi/horror/survival films ever (given the time it came out), and the sequel Aliens was just a kickass WAR.

SC (Unknown)

Avoid Aliens vs Predator.

Mike (Unknown)

Ok, so what you're saying is that Carl Weathers was actually a washed-up star and not just an actor playing a washed-up star. Interesting.

Chris also suggested Alien/s so I'll have to knock those out in the near future.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

Be careful with the rest of that franchise, though.

Alien - Great, sci-fi horror.
Aliens - Great, sci-fi action.
Alien 3 - Ummm, ok I guess. Tries to be like Alien but fails.
Alien: Resurrection - Alright, are you kidding me?

Predator - *I* thought it was at least B material.
Predator 2 - Predator in LA vs Danny Glover. Not as B worth, but more interesting if you like learning more about the Predator culture.

Then there's the crossover movies.

Alien vs Predator - Based off numerous comic book and novel adapations this movie failed, despite having so much potential. The ultimate hunter, the deadliest creature, and humans stuck in between. What a let down.

AvP2: Requiem - Takes place directly after AvP. This was in the theaters but got no hype, and with good reason. Producers would have been wise to send it straight to DVD.

I've heard rumors a Predator 3 is in the works, as well as an AvP3, but they are just rumors. Anyway, definitely check out Alien/Aliens. Aliens also brings some humor in the form of Bill Paxton. GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!



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