Tower of Toys | 06/08/09

In case Chris is missing his beloved Oreo, here is a picture from yesterday. Oreo stacked up all her toys one by one and then put her paw on top of the stack. It was pretty amazing trick. Unfortunately, Chompy was inside performing a trick of her own: making Oreo's breakfast disappear.

I'm glad the Douchebag entry was so well-received. I'm also glad no one took offense to the categories they were in, although since just about everyone I know is a Judgey of some sort, if you hated it you'll probably just quietly hate me forever over it.

We had our first test on Monday. The average was a B, which I do not find to be acceptable. I just wrote a couple long paragraphs and decided to delete them. Suffice it say, Tuesday's class will contain one and one item only: smackdown.


T-Chris (Unknown)

I DO miss my pup. I saw pups all over in Salzburg and Munich and thought of her all the time.



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