Smackdown (x2) | 06/10/09

Two days ago in class I laid a smackdown. A smackdown of dumb mistakes. Not surprisingly, the day after those errors did not repeat themselves. Shocking how that seems to work.

Unfortunately I got my own version of a smackdown yesterday with my first observation. We spent too much time part-writing and I didn't spend enough time correcting new resolutions. Both of those are true.

I appreciated the vast majority of the feedback and this morning I started implementing the changes. Maybe it's because a good part of my day is spent as Business Mike but if you have six weeks to do new things and they were C+/C students coming in and halfway through you have B+/B I think it stands to reason that the methods are, at least partially effective. Whatever, I certainly have a lot of things to improve upon but what I can absolutely, absolutely guarantee is this: their improvement is amazing and it brings me to joy to see it, even if I'm the only one (for now).


Evil Tree (Unknown)

I'd fail every student that didn't try to bribe me.

Mike (Unknown)

And that is why you're not entrusted to educate our youth.



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