Slackman | 06/14/09

What's up you pups? I have really been slacking on the poor blog. I haven't really done much online except work in the past week. I wish I could tell tales of high adventure in the lowlands of Massachusetts but sadly nothing at all has happened since last Wednesday.

Nothing except that my barrista at Starbucks thought I was gay. I find this shocking for several reasons but so far Steve has offered the best reasoning. With Chris in Germany, I am safely in the highest tier of attractiveness town-wide. As we all know, the gays have only the highest standards in terms of sheer physical beauty. Sure, in Washington there was no question because being in the 50-60 percentile would never be allowed. But here, oh no. Additionally, because I teach four days a week I can't fall into my regular grooming habits (or non-grooming habits) so I mistakenly give off the appearance as someone who takes pride in themself. Dressed in nice clothes it makes a little more sense. Additionally, I am friendly and smart. Who wouldn't want to be my friend?

It was flattering though for sure; I walked out marveling at my own beauty for the first time in a while. If only I liked dudes.


KBS (Unknown)

Did he hit on you, or just outright ask if you were gay?



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