Happy Valentine's Day | 02/14/04

Happy Valentines Day. Just when you thought my color scheme couldn't hurt your eyes anymore...Surprise! Jamie and I went to Longhorn for a VD lunch. Afterwards, I went to Publix so I could cook us up a feast for dinner but we weren't really that hungry so we ordered some Pizza Hut a few hours later. Before Pizza Hut, though, Jamie blindfolded me and took me on a surprise outing. It was to Fun Station! I ran into two of my students there but it was ok--they didn't try to really talk to me or anything. Sadly, the batting cages were closed but we still go to play air hockey. Jamie kicked my ass at the moving-rim basketball game, much to the chagrin of the horde of ghetto youth watching. After that, we ate our pizza and then watched some TV.




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