Bevy of Movies | 06/17/09

I've watched a lot of movies recently and since I was the last person on Earth to have seen them I won't bother with long reviews when grades will more than suffice.

Wall-E: Amazing how far animation has come. Final Grade: B-

The Incredibles: I swear the visuals throughout that movie looked real most of the time. Story...zzz. Final Grade: B-

Finding Nemo: Sensing a pattern here? Final Grade: B

Ocean's 11: Much better than I thought. Final Grade: A-

Crouching Tiger: Needed less "story" and more fighting chicks. Final Grade: D

Transformers: I'm not even going to grade this. Who doesn't like the Transformers. And who doesn't like Megan Fox?

Alien: Took me three tries to get through it without falling asleep. Pretty crappy but it did make me jump when it first popped out of his belly. I might have screamed a little too. Final Grade; D

Garden State: I've watched this twice now and hated it both times. Final Grade: F

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest: Weirdy. Final Grade: B

Saving Private Ryan: Kind of cheesy but pretty good. Final Grade: B+

American Beauty: I like Kevin Spacey. Final Grade: B+

Good Will Hunting: Predictable but quotable. I feel so "in" now. Final Grade: C-

Terminator: Eh. Final Grade: C-

Terminator 2: Come with me if you want to live (again). Final Grade: B+

American History X: Awesome. Final Grade: A

Yep, with Chris away I've had a good two hours before bed to slowly become acquainted with popular culture.


Evil Mike (Unknown)

Haha, I was afraid you'd say something like that about Alien. I myself find it really slow. You will definitely find Aliens more enjoyable since it's more action packed, moves faster, and the characters (and aliens) are way more interesting.

Check out my site, I completed a version of that Chompy picture.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

As for other movie sequels Terminator 3 was a let down coming after T2. Ocean's 12 is horrendous, Ocean's 13 OK but not up to 11.

KBS (Unknown)

Wow, no wonder you aren't updating the blog as much. How can you hate Garden State? Music is awesome.

Mike (Unknown)

I agree--the music was awesome. That's all I'm willing to give it though. People lamenting their directionless lives isn't my idea of a good time.

EM: Your Chompy is fantastic. I wish I had 1% of your drawing ability.

Evil Mike (Unknown)

No, YOUR Chompy is fantastic.

Amber (Unknown)

This movie is so funny and cute...LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL....



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