I'm Getting It | 06/18/09

I'm totally getting the new iPhone. It comes out today and while I won't be part of the teeming masses I'm still going to get it. Why? Because I deserve it. Yes, my old one works fine despite the crack that runs down the middle of the screen. If they'll let me keep a crappy sim card in it and use it as an emergency phone that I can store in the glove compartment of my car then great. Aside from going out to eat a lot (ok, a lot-lot) I don't really spend money on stuff unless I have to so sometimes you gotta treat yourself right.

We've had some nice weather up here this week even though it's supposed to rain all weekend. Chompy and Oreo are getting along better and it's hard to believe I only have one more full week left of teaching this session. Weirdy. Time moves a lot more quickly when you wake up before 7am with a full day rather than 10am with a less-full day.

In other news, the Cubs suck. Sammy Sosa was also found to have failed a steroids test in 2003. Duh. Seriously, duh. Who didn't see that one coming.




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