Bandwagoneer | 06/22/09

So I got the new iPhone 3gs and it, so far, is way better than the 2g. Everyone with whom I've spoken on the phone has told me that the reception is much more clear so maybe, just maybe, AT&T is getting their act together.

So far the only downside is that none of my old accessories work and I had to rebuy all the applications I had on my old one. The battery life isn't all it's cracked up to be either. It has a compass feature that's pretty stupid and useless but the GPS works much faster than it did on the old one.

In other news the Cubs still suck and they really should attempt to trade for Albert Pujols. They could get him if they really wanted to--maybe Zambrano, Dempster, and Derek Lee. Randy Wells and Ted Lilly could just alternate days and with a whopping 3 runs a game in support they might actually pick up some wins.

My fantasy team still sucks but I've moved out of place after breaking even in last week's matchup.


Tim (Unknown)

Damn, judging from the photo, it looks as if Apple might've gone a little too um . . . "rustic" or is that the Amish iPhone? It looks as if it comes with the itchy app pre-installed.

SC (Unknown)

Are the two leftmost icons in rows one and two Luigi's hat and Luigi's face?



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